Easy to build and manage rewards campaigns, trade campaigns and loyalty programs.

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Choose the most rewardiful template

Customize your rewardiful platform as you wish. You can choose from our ready to use templates, edit the colors, photos, content… everything.

Upload your partners database and upload points

Start managing your rewardiful campaign by yourself. The application lets you upload your partners and buy rewardiful credits.

Start rewarding your partners and increase the sales

Forget about sales targets. The new targets are the prices in the online catalog. Your partners will send their own target based on the prices they prefer and they will sell more in order to get the prizes.

Create your own incentive/rewards campaign in just 5 minutes

Rewardiful isn’t just a partner rewards management solution, it’s a partner loyalty solution, retention, motivational, while at the same time acting as a one-stop information hub for them.

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Choose the template which suites you best!

Rewardiful is fully customizable. You may choose the template that suits you best, change color pallet, add your own photos and logo, choose the registration fields that you need, setup the prize catalog  and so on.

All these for provinding a great partner impact with your brand.

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Motivate your partners sell more!

Motivate your partners sell more REWARDIFUL is a strong bond between you and your partners by rewarding them on thir results.


Maintain ongoing sales

With REWARDIFUL you will create a continuous dialog with your partners about your marketing activities, promotions and their loyalty club activity, in this way increasing the awarness of your brand.


Long time engagement

A channel incentive or trade program will increase the partners’ engagement level to your brand on medium and long term.

Loyalty and rewards campaigns have a positive impact on your company ROI, on success and performance on a long term.


It is self founding!

You don’t need to budget the prizes from the very beginning of the campaign. The budget is a percent of the sales generated. Any variable cost will be covered buy your ROI.

Use Rewardiful to increase sales!

Rewardiful is the complete, credit based solution for rewarding your sales partners, distributors, influencers or clients buy more.

The trade campaigns are now at your fingerprints. You can stimulate now your customers or points of consumption buy more of your products with Rewardiful by offering them credits in your rewardiful campaign.

Then, they can transform simple & fast the credits into desired prizes.

Start your Rewardiful campaign right now!

Are you in the field of construction? Do you wish to motivate workers use your products? Or influencers (like architects) to propose your products to the clients?

Rewardiful is the perfect choice for you. It is an incentive solution based on points/credits for motivated your employees, influencers, workers or distributors to sell more.

Does your company sell IT&c products? If you want to increase your sells on a fiercely competitive market we have the best solution for you: Rewardiful!

It is a simple cloud incentive solution through which you can stimulate your resellers or business partners buy more and sell more. You can allocate credits to them and they can exchange credits into prizes.

Choose productivity for your company!

Reward you customers for buying your products. Maintain ongoing communications with them, analyze the purchases and run cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Allocate them credits so they can buy the prize they wish for.

Now you can increase sales with Rewardiful.

Rewardiful platforms examples

REWARDIFUL is filled with a variety of templates fully customizable, ready to use, made especially for you.


A wide pallet of prizes to choose from.

REWARDIFUL covers in deep details the prize logistics, starting with adding up-to-date prizes in the prize catalog (eg. electronics, gadgets, home appliances, vouchers, experiences), processing the order, purchasing the products from the suppliers, inspecting the products and dispatching to your partner. Warranties and service are included for all the ordered products.

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Real time update of the prizes list

The prize stocks are updated in real time with the suppliers in order to have full availability of products in the prize catalog.
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Wide prize categories

Rewardiful offers a large category of prizes from IT&C products, electronics, gadgets to toys, home appliances and travel vouchers, so your partners to have a large pallet of possibilities to choose from. Sky is the limit.
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Prize category and subcategory management

You can create your own categories and subcategories of prizes, arrange them the way you want or take out concurrent products (prizes). Setup the prize catalog the way you want it.
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