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What in Rewardiful?

aRewardiful is the complete, points based solution for rewarding your sales partners, distributors, influencers to buy or sell more.

How do I use it?


The platform is easy to use. All you have to do is to create your account, choose the template you wish depending on the specific of your company, upload your partner’s database, allocate points and let the sales increase.

Why should I use it?


The platform is very simple to use. By using it you will win your clients loyalty and make them buy more of your products and your business partners will be more efficient in selling your products.

The rewarding process is based on a grid points chosen by you, and the participants can choose what prizes they want.

How does it work?


Rewardiful is a modern solution for increasing customer’s loyalty based on points or credits. No matter the field of the activity of your company, Rewardiful can be applied to any domain of activity with remarkable results.

For each purchase or sell made by your clients or business partners, they will receive points that can be used by them to choose the wanted prizes from a vast prize catalogue.

We work with the best providers on your market and so we will always have the products on stocks. Our logistic system is one of the best. Amaze your clients and partners.

Does it work for trade campaigns?


The platform is ideal for trade campaigns as it provides opportunities for clients to sell faster win points and select the wanted products.

When they are informed that they will receive points that can be transformed in credits, the clients will be motivated to buy more in order to sell more.

Does it work for loyalty clubs?


Certainly yes. A wide variety of products starting with electronic devices and gadgets to travel vouchers will stimulate the client interest for your loyalty club.

Does it work for B2B incentive campaigns?


Yes, the platform allows such partnership. It is the best way to keep the business partners loyal and as well to reward them through this program.

Where do I host my campaign?

aYour campaign will be hosted on a secure cloud server, as a subdomanin of rewardiful.com.

The hosting owner is Create Direct SRL.

When do I pay?

aDepending of the plan you choose, you will pay a monthly subscription for the platform and for the credits you upload.

The prices can be found on the Pricing page.

Can I change my plan?


Yes, we are flexible, and offer the user 4 subscription plans. Choose what suits you best. After you’ve created the account you are free to choose your template, edit the colors, texts, photos, logos, everything you need.

Do I have to worry about prize logistics?


The logistics of the prizes is managed totally by Rewardiful.

Starting with processing the order until the delivery of the prizes in the shortest time, this process is ensured and guaranteed by Rewardiful. All this process is very efficient.

Are all the prizes on stock?


Sure! As we are integrated with the most important providers on the market.

You will never have products out of stock. Apart from this, you will always benefit from the latest products on the market.

Which is the valability of the points?

aThe credits are available 1 year after they had been allocated.