How to have happy motivated partners

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How to have happy motivated partners

Rewards programs or the great challenge for companies. More and more companies are now using a rewards program in order to have happy motivated sales partners or clients that work with their organization.

They’re more productive, increase engagement and loyalty to the organization’s brand and help improve company performance.


The way a rewarding program works is very simple. You evaluate your partners by their output and reward them by buying and allocating them credits in the Rewardiful platform. Any participant which receive points can exchange them later with the prize he desires.

The big up-side to this is that you can apply this kind of rewarding program to any field of activity like agriculture, IT&C, automotive, FMCG, constructions, services etc. And is it very simple, you can setup your Rewardiful campaign in just 5 minutes.


You can reward the sales partners, distributors for their performance, influencers – people who have an important role in the selling process, clients, build loyalty clubs or trade campaigns.

You will be amazed of what your partners prefer in terms of prizes.


According to an internal researches, the most frequent ordered products in a rewards program are electronic devices. Not much of a surprise isn’t it?

  • 53% of participants will prefer ordering electronic devices and a great deal of them are smartphones.
  • 25% usually order household or gardening devices.


Try Rewardiful for your clients and business partners! You will be amazed at the results!


If you would like to know more about the platform, visit us at the biggest incentivizing platform for customers and business partners.

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